Survey Report page 1

There are lists in this survey we have just received. Lists that make our heads spin.  Lists of what we must do immediately, things we can do at leisure and things to do at some undisclosed point in the future. We are interested in the immediate one as that is where any problems will show up. It is also the list that any insurance company will want actioned.

A surveyor’s job is to find every little thing both big and small that isn’t quite right and report on that so we go into and, perhaps, complete a contract with our eyes fully open.  He is working for us not the seller or the broker.

As Rick waited for the pdf to download his face drained of blood and he was a bit shaky.  This was crunch time.  That moment where the frightening reality was Yes, we are going to be boat owners or No we are not.  Both felt equally loaded. If Yes there was the issue of spending so much money on a dream that is about to transform itself into a new (and expensive) reality. Or if it were to be a No there is the disappointment, not to mention kissing goodbye a few thousand Euros and then after we got over that there would be the need to pick ourselves up by the bootstraps and start the whole process again somewhere else.

The survey is 20 pages long and there are things…quite a few but none are major surprises and most importantly none of them are show stoppers.

We look at each other and are both a little stunned. 

It’s a Yes!

Should we be celebrating?  Crying? Laughing?  Ecstatic?  I think we should.  Rick, who is unusually quiet looks at me with my eyebrows up in question at him and he asks me in half jest ‘well: should we dance around?’  Yep! I shoot back at him. So, we caper around like fools on our little balcony in the fading afternoon light. And it breaks the tension, the worry and the fear and blasts it all away and we laugh, and laugh…and maybe cry, just a little bit.

So this IS a photo of a brand new 42F. Ours is now officially an adult at 18 years of age.
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8 replies on “Drumroll Please….Part 2! The Big Reveal

  1. Big Congratulations Cath & Rick…… now you can finally realise your dream ‘retirement life’!!!!

  2. Finally got round to catching up on all the news – wow just wow – what an adventure to get you guys to here – your beautiful (and boy is she a beauty) new home on the sea. Can’t wait to read more about the next step, can’t wait to hopefully see you both (and the new teenager in your life) in person at some point. Keep up the writing – you paint such beautiful pictures with your words – huge love and hugs from us all xx

  3. Fabulous! Right decision. HR boats are beautiful, very jealous. When can we come for a sail? Michael

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