Cath and Rick, Greek Islands, 2014

Welcome to our new blog Ocean-Pilgrim.

My name is Cath and together with Rick, my partner in life, love and boating we plan to blog about our adventures on the salty swells. It will probably be a bit eclectic but hopefully entertaining at the same time as we take you along for the ride with us from leaving our home in Australia to buying a boat in the Mediterranean, setting her up for cruising and then onto the cruising life itself.

Previously I have had other blogs.  The first was about a tiny shack we renovated on the southern Australian island of Tasmania and that can be found at sandtemple.wordpress.com.  Then I wrote a blog about some of the things we got up to whilst living in Saudi Arabia.  That you can browse at sandpilgrim.wordpress.com.


This is not our first time cruising as we initially bought a Duncanson 35 ft Sloop in 1987. That was back in the days of no digital photography or searching the net for ideas on anchorages or charts and before downloading a weather forecast from up to date forecasting technology was even a thing.  We owned her for 5 years and cruised for about half of that time having first one then a second baby.  We sailed up and down the Australian coastline and out to the Solomon Islands and New Guinea with our son, Nick before deciding that sailing with 2 kids would mean a bigger boat and we weren’t really in the right stage of our lives to commit to that.

Land lubber life then became the norm as we built a home in the rainforest in South East Queensland and went about the business of bringing up kids and working and the idea of life on the seas was put well onto the back burner for many years.

But skipping forward to 2013 Rick was offered a job in Saudi Arabia and all of that changed. This was the perfect opportunity to save for a boat and begin the process of dreaming her into our reality. And now it’s nearly here. We hope you will come along on the journey with us.