In 2014 we chartered a boat in Kos and spent some time sailing through the Dodecanese.  We went with our 2 kids and it turned out to be one of those trips where absolutely everything was perfect.  We fell in love all over again with the Greek Islands and it reminded us just why sailing is the perfect next stage of life for us.

At the end of the holiday we spent our last night in a small, arid but perfect cove on Kalymnos with the full moon rising out of the sea.

The next morning we had to return the yacht to the marina on Kos and made an early start.  The kids were sleeping below and we sat watching the full moon setting over the cliffs and the sun rising out of the sea.  We both really loved our time in Saudi Arabia for many reasons but Rick cites getting off the boat as the hardest thing he had to do in the 5 years we spent there.

Excuse the wobbly old iPhone camera panorama but this photo shows that morning and sums up his sentiments I believe. It represents our past but has become a big part of our future dreaming.


IMG_5248 (1)

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