No Man/Woman is an Island….

I’m sitting in a picture-perfect Greek anchorage.  There’s a small beach with a taverna on the hillside and behind us a tiny island, all cliffs and scrub with the tiniest white-washed church with a congregation made up entirely of goats.  All lined up along the shaded side with their bells clanging away when they move.…

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Talking Turkey

When we arrived in Turkey and flew south to Dalaman we flew perilously close to snow covered peaks as we descended into the heart of the Turquoise coast of Turkey.  Annoyed at the cost of a taxi we caught the bus as the daylight softened into evening.  We drove through towns with mosques so different…

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A Meditation on Boat life

The Fethiye Gulf has been inhabited for eons.  Civilisations have risen and fallen, cities built and abandoned.  Legends told and ruins explored give a tantalising glimpse into just how long humans have inhabited these lands and how they have done so.  The Fethiye Gulf is a part of what is known as the Lycian coast…

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What’s in a Name?

Well, a lot really. It’s about personality…yours and the boat’s. It says something about what you align with…although I am not sure what that means for the guy at the end of our marina finger with the boat called BIG DADDY in big letters! I never said ego wasn’t involved. So back to us now. …

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So what do we pack?

  So exactly how do you pack for 6 months in Europe on a boat you don’t own yet? This is the big question we have pondering for the last few weeks because it’s pretty important that a) we maximise our 30-kilo luggage allowance each and b) because we are well aware that some things…

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Sometimes in the 
waves of change we 
find our true